Undivided Heart

Undivided Heart

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Ganyu: Undivided Heart First the arrow strikes, and then it turns to frost.

Card EffectsCost
Combat Action : When your active character is Ganyu , equip this card. After Ganyu equips this card, immediately use Frostflake Arrow once. When your Ganyu, who has this card equipped, uses Frostflake Arrow : Cryo DMG dealt by this Skill +1 if this Skill has been used before during this match, and it now deals 3 Piercing DMG to all opposing characters on standby instead. (You must have Ganyu in your deck to add this card to your deck.)5
Normal Attack Deals 2 Cryo DMG , deals 2 Piercing DMG to all opposing characters on standby.5
Applies Cryo and can trigger the following Elemental Reactions: [ Cryo + Pyro ] Melt : DMG +2 for this instance [ Cryo + Electro ] Superconduct : DMG+1 for this instance, deal 1 Piercing DMG to all opposing characters except the target [ Cryo + Hydro ] Frozen : DMG +1 for this instance, the target is unable to perform any Actions this Round (Can be removed in advance after the target receives physical or Pyro DMG, in which case they will take +2 DMG)
Combat Action After you finish 1 Combat Action, it will be your opponent's turn. Playing a card from your Hand with this rule is also a Combat Action rather than a Fast Action. Piercing DMG Piercing DMG cannot be increased by any bounses, but cannot be defended against using Shields or DMG Immunity either.
Reward for inviting Ganyu to a duel at The Cat’s Tail and achieving all corresponding challenge objectives

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