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"Plenilune Gaze" Ganyu "This press release is due tomorrow… I suppose I could work through the night and get it done.”

Card EffectsCost
Normal Attack Deals 2 Physical DMG .12
Elemental Skill Deals 1 Cryo DMG, creates 1 Ice Lotus . Ice Lotus Combat Status When your active character receives DMG : Decrease DMG taken by 1. Usage(s): 23
Normal Attack Deals 2 Cryo DMG , deals 2 Piercing DMG to all opposing characters on standby.5
Elemental Burst Deals 1 Cryo DMG , deals 1 Piercing DMG to all opposing characters on standby, summons 1 Sacred Cryo Pearl .32
Summon End Phase : Deal 1 Cryo DMG , deal 1 Piercing DMG to all opposing characters on standby. Usage(s): 2
Applies Cryo and can trigger the following Elemental Reactions: [ Cryo + Pyro ] Melt : DMG +2 for this instance [ Cryo + Electro ] Superconduct : DMG+1 for this instance, deal 1 Piercing DMG to all opposing characters except the target [ Cryo + Hydro ] Frozen : DMG +1 for this instance, the target is unable to perform any Actions this Round (Can be removed in advance after the target receives physical or Pyro DMG, in which case they will take +2 DMG)
Physical DMG Physical DMG will not apply any Elements, nor can it engage in Elemental Reactions. Piercing DMG Piercing DMG cannot be increased by any bounses, but cannot be defended against using Shields or DMG Immunity either.
Reward for inviting Ganyu to a duel at The Cat’s Tail and claiming victory in a Friendly Fracas with her

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