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"Dark Side of Dawn" Diluc His heart is his greatest foe.

Card EffectsCost
Normal Attack Deals 2 Physical DMG .12
Elemental Skill Deals 3 Pyro DMG . For the third use of this Skill each Round, deals +2 DMG.3
Elemental Burst Deals 8 Pyro DMG . This character gains Pyro Infusion . Pyro Infusion Status The character to which this is attached has their Physical DMG dealt converted to Pyro DMG . Duration (Rounds): 243
Applies Pyro and can trigger the following Elemental Reactions: [ Pyro + Cryo ] Melt : DMG +2 for this instance [ Pyro + Hydro ] Vaporize : DMG +2 for this instance [ Pyro + Electro ] Overloaded : DMG +2 for this instance, the target is forcibly switched to the next character [ Pyro + Dendro ] Burning : DMG +1 for this instance, creates a [Burning Flame] that will deal 1 Pyro DMG at the end of the Round (Takes effect once, max 2 stacks)
Physical DMG Physical DMG will not apply any Elements, nor can it engage in Elemental Reactions. Duration (Rounds) Each time you reach the end of a Round, Duration (Rounds) - 1. This card will be discarded immediately once Duration (Rounds) runs out.
Obtained from the initial deck

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