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Xiangling: Crossfire This heat's just normal for a restaurant's standards!

Card EffectsCost
Combat Action : When your active character is Xiangling , equip this card. After Xiangling equips this card, immediately use Guoba Attack once. When your Xiangling, who has this card equipped, uses Guoba Attack , she will also deal 1 Pyro DMG . (You must have Xiangling in your deck to add this card to your deck.)4
Elemental Skill Summons 1 Guoba .3
Summons End Phase : Deal 2 Pyro DMG . Usage(s): 2
Applies Pyro and can trigger the following Elemental Reactions: [ Pyro + Cryo ] Melt : DMG +2 for this instance [ Pyro + Hydro ] Vaporize : DMG +2 for this instance [ Pyro + Electro ] Overloaded : DMG +2 for this instance, the target is forcibly switched to the next character [ Pyro + Dendro ] Burning : DMG +1 for this instance, creates a [Burning Flame] that will deal 1 Pyro DMG at the end of the Round (Takes effect once, max 2 stacks)
Combat Action After you finish 1 Combat Action, it will be your opponent's turn. Playing a card from your Hand with this rule is also a Combat Action rather than a Fast Action. Usage(s) After this card's effect is triggered, 1 Usage of it will be consumed. This card will be discarded immediately once it has 0 Usages remaining.
Reward for inviting Xiangling to a duel at The Cat’s Tail and achieving all corresponding challenge objectives

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